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Association of Chinese Schools logoAssociation of Chinese Schools (ACS) was founded by Prof. Peter P.C. Chou and six schools in Philadelphia in 1974. The goals are to provide a forum for Chinese language and culture schools to share their common interests, to exchange views and ideas, to assist school activities, to improve the quality of teaching, to promote Chinese teaching into the mainstream American education system. ACS is a non-profit, non-political independent organization.

Grown from six original member schools to about 100, and about 25,000 students, ACS member schools are all over the northeast of the United States now. According to geographic locations, ACS is divided into 6 districts, which are:

1st district - New England area
2nd district - Upstate New York area
3rd district - New Jersey area
4th district - South Jersey, PA, DE areas
5th district - Maryland, Virginia, DC and North Carolina area
6th district - New York City and Long Island area

ACS holds an annual conference over Memorial Day weekend each year. It is the biggest event for our members. The conference program usually includes: keynote speeches, teaching seminars, student activities, poster-making competition, speech competition, Chinese knowledge competition, multi-media presentation competition, Karaoke competition, academics exhibition, panel discussions, and evening performance. In addition, ACS gives out many different awards to teachers or students to encourage and reward their hard work in teaching or learning.

To learn more, visit the ACS website.

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