2008 CREATE Conference

Math, Science, & Social Studies:
A Focus on English Language Learners in Middle School

CREATE logo2008 CREATE Conference furthers dialogue on language learning in the content areas

This year's CREATE conference, on October 6-7, 2008, held in Minneapolis, MN, attracted educators from throughout the United States. CREATE investigators and other top researchers in the field presented cutting-edge research on supporting the language development of English language learners across the content areas. Presenters emphasized the importance of merging language teaching and learning with content teaching and learning. They described their research on ways to support vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and oral language learning in the context of teaching content in science, social studies, and mathematics.

In the breakout sessions, researchers and practitioners joined in discussion of the practical challenges and solutions to fostering ELLs’ language development. Their contrasting perspectives provided for rich, dynamic discussion as participants considered the implications of the research.

Conference Materials

Presenters at the 2008 CREATE conference have generously agreed to share resources related to their talks. Click 'Enter' below to view the available materials.


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