David Francis, Ph.D.

Director, Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation & Statistics (TIMES)

David Francis, Ph.D., is a professor of quantitative methods in the Department of Psychology at the University of Houston (UH). He is a Fellow of Division 5 (Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics) of the American Psychology Association and current member of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Mental Retardation Research Subcommittee. He is also a recipient of the University of Houston Teaching Excellence Award and a former member of the National Institute of Health's Behavioral Medicine Study Section.

Dr. Francis has collaborated in research on reading and reading disabilities, attention problems, developmental consequences of brain injuries and birth defects, and adolescent alcohol abuse. He has served as a consulting editor to six psychology journals. He is also a founding partner of FSD Data Services, Inc., a contract research services firm based in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Francis holds a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology from the University of Houston.

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