Lesson Materials

Throughout the seven years of the CREATE Center, researchers developed curriculum to build the language and literacy skills of English learners in the middle grades while simultaneously instructing grade-level content concepts. Lesson plans and materials are also infused with instructional features of the SIOP Model including language objectives, explicit vocabulary instruction, student interaction, building background knowledge, and comprehensible input.

Provided below is a list of sample CREATE resources by content area.

Science: Lesson Materials from The Impact of the SIOP Model on Middle School Science and Language Learning

The science lesson plans below are designed according to the instructional components of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model. The unit was designed for 75-minute periods and includes lesson plans and student handouts. For more SIOP resources, visit the SIOP website.

Science: Lesson Materials from Project QuEST - Quality English and Science Teaching

QuEST model lesson sets were designed for three lesson topics at the middle grades level: Ecology, Cycles, and Genetics. Each lesson set consists of three lessons and corresponds to approximately a week of instruction. Each lesson is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the forthcoming Next Generation Science Standards. The materials for each lesson include a teacher guide, a PowerPoint presentation with teacher notes, a student guide with worksheets, a glossary for students, and vocabulary cards forteaching and displaying in the classroom.

Social Studies: Lesson Materials from Adaptations of Peer-Assisted Learning for English Language Learners—Application to Middle School Social Studies Classes

The materials below are from two separate lessons: The Texas Revolution and The Mexican War. The materials for each lesson include the lesson plan, a student log, a sample vocabulary card, and a quiz.

English Language Arts: Lesson Materials from Word Generation for English Language Learners

Although Word Generation was originally designed for instruction of vocabulary across the content areas, for the CREATE program of research, the materials were implemented in English language arts.

Math: SIOP Lesson Materials
To provide support for math teachers at participating schools, researchers wrote SIOP tips for teachers to use as supplements to their instruction. SIOP math tips were practical activities that teachers could implement in their instruction to promote student interaction, build background and vocabulary, practice and apply concepts, and/or review information. The SIOP math tip below is an example of the math tips that were sent to teachers weekly.