What is the difference between BEST Plus 2.0 and BEST Plus 3.0?

CAL created BEST Plus 3.0 with the following updates:

  • Alignment to the 2016 English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education (ELPs) and the 2017 National Reporting System Educational Functioning Levels (NRS EFLs). The computer-based version of BEST Plus 3.0 measures NRS levels 1-6. The print-based version measures levels 1-4. View scale score to NRS level conversion chart here.
  • A new multi-staged adaptive format underlying the test.
  • A new Part B section of the test with new question types, and a new category in the rubric that measures higher proficiency performances.
  • Updated question types and images that reflect contemporary life in the U.S.
  • A brand new, user-friendly test platform application with cloud-based data storage.
  • An easy-access, cloud-based portal to manage the program’s test data.

Updated training and test materials accompanying these updates will be released soon. More information will be available in the BEST Plus 3.0 Test Administrator Guide and the BEST Plus 3.0 Technical Report.

I am not yet a certified test administrator for BEST Plus 2.0. Can I still take the BEST Plus 2.0 training, or should I wait for BEST Plus 3.0 training?

Yes, you may still complete BEST Plus 2.0 training. CAL will be conducting virtual training workshops for BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator candidates and will be posting the workshop registration information on the BEST Plus 2.0 Training webpage. You may also contact aea@cal.org to be put in contact with a local trainer. BEST Plus 2.0 training will allow you to administer the BEST Plus 2.0 test as soon as possible, and it will provide foundational knowledge for the BEST Plus 3.0 training. Existing test administrators may choose to skip the first part of the new training which covers existing content and scoring formats, or take it as a refresher. Materials from the entire training will be included in the final certification quiz.

Is training required for BEST Plus 3.0?

Yes, BEST Plus 3.0 includes brand new question types and a new scoring category. Therefore, all prospective BEST Plus 3.0 test administrators are required to complete training, including those currently certified to administer BEST Plus 2.0.

CAL will soon offer a brand-new self-access, self-paced, online training course for BEST Plus 3.0. This training will be free of charge for all users for a limited time for existing BEST Plus 2.0 users and those who are new to BEST assessments.

What are the available training formats?

CAL will soon offer a brand new self-access, self-paced, online training course for BEST Plus 3.0. This training will be free of charge for all users for a limited time. This includes existing BEST Plus 2.0 users and those who are new to BEST assessments. Once local trainers have been certified as BEST Plus 3.0 trainers, they may offer additional training opportunities in your state.

How long is the BEST Plus 3.0 training?

Because BEST Plus 3.0 contains new question types and a new scoring category, BEST Plus 3.0 training will be slightly longer than the current BEST Plus 2.0 training. CAL is currently developing BEST Plus 3.0 training materials, and more information about the training will be available soon.

How can existing BEST Plus 2.0 trainers become certified BEST Plus 3.0 trainers?

CAL will communicate with current trainers about upcoming requirements.

How long after I pre-test with BEST Plus 3.0 can I administer a posttest?

CAL recommends that BEST Plus 3.0 be given as a posttest after a minimum of 40 hours or one semester of instruction following pre-testing. Learner- and program-related factors may warrant varying from these recommendations. For programs receiving federal funding, BEST Plus 3.0 should be administered as a posttest based on the requirements defined in their state’s assessment policy.