What is the timeline for transitioning to BEST Plus 3.0 and BEST Literacy 2.0?

BEST Plus 3.0 and BEST Literacy 2.0 will launch in early 2024. Training, tests, and materials will be available for programs at this time. We have also extended the transition period through August 2024, during which BEST Plus 3.0 training will be offered for free. The older versions of the tests, BEST Plus 2.0 and BEST Literacy, will still sunset June 30, 2024. Therefore, please monitor your remaining tests and order only what you need during this time. After June 2024 CAL is no longer able to provide support for these older versions, and the tests will no longer be accepted for NRS reporting purposes. You may read the Federal Register statement onĀ  test approval and expiration here.

How long can I continue using BEST Plus 2.0 and BEST Literacy?

The BEST Plus 2.0 and BEST Literacy tests are approved for use through June 30, 2024. These tests will expire after June 2024.

Can I pre-test with the older generation and post-test with the newer generation of the tests?

No. For scores to be comparable, you should always pre- and post-test with the same generation of test. For example, if you pre-test with BEST Plus 2.0 you should post-test with BEST Plus 2.0.

Will I be able to exchange BEST Plus 2.0 and BEST Literacy tests for the new generations?

No. Unfortunately, CAL is not able to provide credit for any remaining BEST Plus 2.0 or BEST Literacy tests. We recommend monitoring your remaining tests (your BEST Plus 2.0 test balance can be accessed on the test activation website) and ordering only what you need until your program transitions fully to the newer tests.

Will there be new pricing for the new tests and materials?

Yes. The updated pricelist is available here.