In order to administer BEST Plus 2.0, you will need the following:

Materials received at training

  • BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Guide
  • BEST Plus Scoring Rubric

Materials to be purchased before testing:

  • Computer-adaptive users
    • BEST Plus 2.0 Software USB
    • Computer test administrations
    • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Print-based users
    • BEST Plus 2.0 Software USB
    • Semi-adaptive print-based examinee test booklets and corresponding picture cue booklets
    • Computer to score print-based test booklets using the Score management software

Test administrators must have the Test Administrator Guide and Scoring Rubric available during testing.

Visit the Resources section of our website to view a complete list of CAL’s Adult ESL Assessment Resources with links to the corresponding page on the CAL Store. You can order online at the CAL Store or call 1-800-551-3709 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time