Targeting Language Skills for English Learner Students: Findings From Intervention Research and Implications for Practice (Symposium)

4:05 - 6:05pm

Hilton Union Square, Sixth Level - Tower 3 Van Ness Room

Presented at: American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2013 Annual Meeting

The session will provide an overview of four separate intervention studies conducted by researchers from two separate programs of research on effective instruction for EL students. The studies all focus on interventions in classrooms that include EL students with English proficient students and seek to define instructional curricula and/or practices that will promote the students’ gains in key language and literacy skills and in knowledge of academic content. The researchers discuss the findings of the research, their significance for practice, and discuss lessons drawn from the implementation regarding professional development and mentoring of teachers in successful interventions.

  • Moving Research on Sheltered Instruction Into Curriculum and Professional Development Practice
    Participants include: Jennifer Gisi Himmel
  • A Successful Science Intervention for Middle-Grade English Language Learners
    Participants include: Annie Laurie Duguay
  • The Effects of an Academic Vocabulary Intervention on the Morphological Development of Adolescent Students
    Participants include: Igone Arteagoitia
  • A Successful Vocabulary Intervention for Young English Language Learners
    Participants include: Lauren Artzi, Lindsey Anne Massoud