Symposium: Uses For and Consequences of Language Proficiency Tests for Students and Teachers

1:30 - 4:00pm EST

ICC 115

Presented at: GURT 2016

This symposium will begin with a brief review of argument-based approaches to validity (Kane, 1993; Chappelle et al., 2008; Bachman & Palmer, 2010; Renn & MacGregor, 2014). It will then explore the assessment use argument and its influence on different tests of language proficiency developed for students and teachers.

By focusing on the consequences of test results, the symposium will examine how language test developers design tests, items, and tasks intended to promote effective teaching practice and accurately reflect student ability. We examine this from the perspective of the test development process and the research that informs that process, from developing test items to examining test performance via operational data.

Presenters include CAL researchers, test developers, and psychometricians to provide an holistic picture of both the individual lenses of each part of the test design, development, and operationalization process and to inform the consequences of test results from these perspectives.

Please consult the event program for the exact date and time of this symposium.

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