Investigation Language Policy Implementation in IB World Schools: A Closer Examination of Asian Contexts

Presented at: IAWE 2015

The need for clearly articulated school-based language policies that are responsive to the ethnolinguistic composition of the schools as well as to the more typical top-down agendas for languages to be studied or used as languages of instruction varies greatly. 

This presentation reports finding from a study of schools that are attempting to be guided by policies that are to be more inclusive and responsive.

This study investigated language policy development and implementation in selected International Baccalaureate Schools in China, India, and Japan. Utilizing case study analysis, researchers conducted in-depth interviews and document analysis to examine how language policies were developed, the extent to which teachers and other stakeholders were involved in this process, and how the polices have been implemented.

This paper presents findings and recommendations that are relevant for schools attempting to promote policies that are inclusive and culturally responsive. 

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