Interactive Activities that Promote Metalinguistic Awareness through Cross-linguistic Word Study

Presented at: TABE 2015

The purpose of this demonstration is to share two interactive activities that promote metalinguistic awareness at the word level. The session is directed at teachers in grades 3-8 who work in dual language, bilingual, and/or heritage language settings. It is conducted in English so that teachers in both English- and Spanish-component classrooms can learn how to incorporate activities that target metalinguistic awareness into their instruction.

The session begins with a brief summary of the research base for the activities to be demonstrated: first, research indicating that emergent bilingual learners benefit from peer-to-peer interaction; and second, that emergent bilingual learners who participate in activities that promote metalinguistic awareness deepen their understanding of the two languages and develop the ability to utilize one language as a resource for acquiring the other.

The bulk of the session engages participants in a hands-on demonstration of two word study activities that vividly illustrate the suggested instructional approach. 

Please consult the event program for the date and time of this presentation.