CAL English Proficiency Test: Diagnostic for Students


The CAL English Proficiency Test: Diagnostic for Students (CAL EPT Diagnostic) is a quick thee-skilled test that measures the listening, reading, and writing ability of English language learners in primary and secondary school in Latin America.  These tests can be administered in 75 minutes.

CAL EPT: Diagnostic At-a-Glance
Download the PDF for a quick overview.

The CAL EPT Diagnostic is a suite of two tests (Primary and Secondary) designed to measure the English-language-proficiency of English language learners in order to provide a snapshot of the learners’ English language proficiency that can support states, schools, and families in understanding the language development of their students.

Performances on the assessment are interpreted in terms of the proficiency levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) (Council of Europe, 2011). The assessment focuses on CEFR levels A1 – B1, and a score of “Above B1” may also be obtained.  The CAL EPT Diagnostic can be used for a variety of purposes, which include informing instruction in the classroom, measuring the development of students’ English language proficiency, measuring improvement to English language programs, and providing insight into students’ English language proficiency to determine whether they are ready to take a more comprehensive exam, such as the CAL English Proficiency Test for Students.

The CAL EPT Diagnostic is available through CAL’s sales and test operations partners in Latin America.

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