Connecting Diverse Cultures: A Video Guide for A New Day and Be Who You Are

Dani M. Abrams


The increasing diversity of the U.S. population can provide both challenges to communication and opportunities for meaningful connection. With greater understanding and tolerance, diverse cultural beliefs, values, and histories become assets to be respected and cultivated. Connecting Diverse Cultures features practical and effective activity plans designed to help facilitators, teachers, and trainers increase understanding of and appreciation for other cultures and beliefs.

Developed as a companion to the DVD Refugee Families and Youth, this practical and informative guide incorporates segments of the video into engaging activities. Designed for maximum flexibility, the activity plans in this guide can be used as an entire unit plan or in sections as facilitators and educators determine what is most appropriate for learners. The activities are suited for learners of all ages and levels, making the plans useful in a variety of settings. An Activity Plan Matrix makes it easy to determine which activity plans are most appropriate by age group. Nearly every activity plans in the guide incorporates all aspects of the four basic principles of learning English: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. For quick and easy preparation, a list of required and optional materials is included in a checklist format and a vocabulary section provides a list of words to use when working with English language learners.

This resource is designed for K-12 classrooms, adult education settings, training of trainers, and anyone seeking to promote tolerance, diversity, and cultural connections. There are two sections of this manual: an introduction, with facilitation suggestions and ideas, and the activity plans themselves. 2010

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