Forbidden Language: English Learners and Restrictive Language Policies

Patricia Gandara and Megan Hopkins, Editors

Published by Teachers College Press


This publication pulls together recent research on the effects of restrictive language policies on English language learners, with a focus on what we know about outcomes in states where these policies have been adopted. These outcomes are examined by legal experts in bilingual education to determine if they undermine the legal viability of the policies. An overview of English language learners in the United States and a brief history of policies that have guided their instruction provides background to the discussion of issues related to these policies. In the final section, contributors suggest how better policies, that rely on empirical research, might be constructed.

The volume includes contributions from well-known educators and scholars in bilingual education, including Diane August from the Center for Applied Linguistics. This book is an important resource for policymakers, researchers, and educators interested learning more about the impact of policy on educational outcomes and how effective future policies might be developed. 2010

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