Success Through Academic Interventions
in Language & Literacy

With funds from the U.S. Department of Education, via a subcontract from the University of Houston, CAL supports the development, implementation, and evaluation of research-based models for two major approaches to the education of English language learners—structured English immersion and transitional bilingual education—to determine the impact of the different program models on the performance of Spanish-speaking English language learners in Grades K–3. The work at CAL is part of a broader effort involving the University of Houston, the University of Texas at Austin, Harvard University, and the University of Miami.

CAL is working on two strands of Project SAILL. In the first strand, researchers at CAL are developing enhanced versions of language and literacy curriculum in an effort to improve oral language, vocabulary and comprehension development in language minority students. Results from the first few years of the study are very promising. Learn more about the language and literacy project.

In the second strand, CAL researchers are working with math teachers and through the use of the SIOP model are making math content more accessible to English-language learners and concurrently developing their language and literacy skills. Learn more about the SIOP and mathematics project.