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November 2016
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Twenty years of Promoting Academic Language and Literacy with the SIOP Model: Past, Present, and Future

Join Deborah Short and Jennifer Himmel for this informative webinar.

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Continuous Support of SIOP Model Implementation

Planning for and implementing a comprehensive professional development program appropriate to your school’s or district’s demographics and instructional contexts can be challenging.

We can complement SIOP introductory and Review and Renew teacher workshops with program evaluation and job-embedded professional development such as coaching and lesson study services to assist teachers as they learn and continue to incorporate the features of the SIOP Model into their lesson design and delivery.

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This issue of the CAL SIOP Bulletin is focused on cooperative learning in the SIOP classroom. Cooperative learning is an essential element in promoting peer to peer interaction, providing students with opportunities to both practice and apply key concepts and academic language, and scaffolding instruction for English learners. It is through meaningful and cooperative teacher-student and student-student interaction that learners develop proficiency and demonstrate their content and language knowledge to their teachers. The following resources showcase how teachers can effectively use cooperative learning for the promotion of content knowledge and language acquisition.

Online Resources

Lesson Plans and Activities
Students from non-English speaking backgrounds are the fastest-growing segment of the K-12 student population in the U.S. There is overwhelming evidence that English learners benefit greatly from instructional activities that incorporate interaction and cooperative learning. This allows English learners to develop their language proficiency and apply their academic language knowledge in a meaningful and practical manner.

CAL continues to expand its online library of free lesson plans and activities with our newest resources focused on cooperative learning in the PreK-12 classroom.

  • Activity: Opinion Continuum and Jigsaw Reading
  • Lesson Plan: 9-12 ESL/ELA
  • Lesson Plan: Kindergarten Basic Things

Visit our lesson plans and activities section to view or download.

Research-based Briefs for Practitioners
The briefs featured below provide summaries of evidence-based information and highlight effective teaching practices related to using the SIOP Model or sheltered instruction. The briefs were developed as part of the Center for Research on the Educational Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners (CREATE) program of research.

  • Effective Social Studies Instruction to Promote the Knowledge Acquisition and Vocabulary Learning of English Language Learners in the Middle Grades
  • The SIOP Model: A Professional Development Framework for a Comprehensive School-Wide Intervention

Visit our lesson plans and activities section to view or download.

Learn and Earn Credit with Targeted Professional Development

CTE photoNew Self-paced online course from CAL
Fundamentals of Sheltered Instruction: Featuring the SIOP Model

This self-paced online course is designed to help administrators and teachers increase their knowledge of research-based sheltered instruction to support the language and content learning needs of English learners. Participants receive a CAL Certificate of Completion that can often be used to obtain continuing education credits.

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CAL InstitutesFeatured CAL Institutes: SIOP Training of Trainers
CAL offers two strands of SIOP TOT Institutes to best meet the needs of educators. Participants receive CAL Certificate of Completion that can often be used to obtain continuing education credits.

SIOP TOT I: Foundations
July 17-20, 2017
November 13-16, 2017

This institute is designed to help participants enhance their knowledge of the SIOP Model to support delivery of effective professional development workshops for educators. It is designed for those with a basic knowledge of the SIOP Model and seek foundational skills in creating and delivering a SIOP Model professional development program.

SIOP TOT II: Advanced Strategies
July 24-27, 2017

This institute focuses on strategies and techniques to provide job-embedded support, such as coaching, to help teachers more effectively implement the SIOP Model. It is designed for those who have foundational skills in delivering SIOP Model professional development, and who currently support educators in districts and schools where SIOP is being implemented.

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Learning the SIOP Model: Video and Viewers Guide
Learning the SIOP Model is a practical, hands-on tool for educators to learn more about the SIOP Model and its effective use in the classroom. Video clips from authentic classroom lessons demonstrate various features of the SIOP Model, and the companion viewers guide provides hands-on resources for use in professional development and in the classroom. This collection of video clips feature several examples of cooperative learning structures from various grade levels. Learn more

SIOP in Action book coverSIOP in Action: Instructional Videos Featuring Complete SIOP Lessons at Three Grade Level
Three videos, available on one DVD with a companion viewers guide, illustrate three SIOP lessons at different grade levels: second grade, eighth grade, and high school/GED and are designed to deepen understanding of SIOP Model implementation at the classroom level and to support professional development initiatives. Learn more.


CAL SIOP at Conferences

The CAL SIOP team continues to present at a variety of national conferences. We invite you to view our calendar of events and presentations and we look forward to meeting you at an upcoming conference. Browse the CAL Calendar of Events.

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