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TWI Bulletin #30: New Consortium, Spanish Assessment Guide, Dual U, and more! (9/27/2007)


Lots of new and updated two-way immersion resources to share in this Bulletin!

Before the news, please note the new format of my e-mail address, If you regularly correspond with CAL staff whose e-mails were, be aware that we have new addresses, although the old ones will still work, at least for a while!


National Dual Language Consortium

The newly-formed National Dual Language Consortium (NDLC) is very pleased to announce their new Web site:

In 2006, five non-profit organizations and several leading dual language researchers joined together to form the NDLC. The members conduct research, provide training and services for dual language practitioners, and disseminate information about dual language to a wide audience. Read more about the NDLC, its members, and about dual language on the site!

Please check back to the NDLC Web site often as we add new resources.


Spanish-Language Assessments for Dual Language Programs

For those programs that are looking for assessments in Spanish, CAL offers a new resource, Spanish-Language Assessments for Dual Language Programs, located at

This resource is a guide for selecting oral language, literacy, content area and vocabulary assessments for students in Grades PreK-12. It does not make specific recommendations about tests to use, but provides information that is critical for dual language programs to consider when making selections. The guide includes details about 28 assessments, some of which are also available in languages other than Spanish.


Project Dual U Professional Development Grant

The Center for Applied Linguistics – Washington D.C.

February 21, 22 & 23, 2008 and May 15, 16, & 17, 2008

Scholarships are available for teams of teachers and administrators who work in dual language programs or who are interested in starting or teaching in a dual language program. Teacher scholars selected for this project will complete a three-credit course entitled Bilingual Methods and Materials: Focus on Dual Language Education that can be applied towards some states' requirements for bilingual/ESL accreditation.  This course is offered by the Illinois Resource Center and will take place at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington D.C.  Deadline for submission for Spring 2008 participation is November 15, 2007. For a copy of the application and instructions, please go to


Coming Soon to the CAL TWI Web Site!

You will soon see a refreshed and easier to navigate CAL TWI home page ( The new site will have a couple new features, including archives of the TWI Bulletin for all you TWI history buffs!

We will also be announcing very soon a revised version of the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, which will be available free to download, as always, and also for purchase from CAL as a bound report.


Two-Way Immersion Directory is updated!

We are deeply grateful to CAL intern Annie Donovan who updated the Directory of Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Programs in the U.S. this past summer. Thank you to all of you who spoke to her on the phone to update your entry.

The TWI Directory can be found at

Interestingly, in the course of the update, 57 programs were removed from the Directory because the program closed or the population changed and it became a different kind of dual language program (foreign language immersion or developmental bilingual). We don’t presently have details available about the 57 programs that closed, but if possible, we will post that information on the Directory Web site. In spite of the loss of programs, we ended up nearly where we started as we also added 39 new programs.

If your entry was not updated this summer or you would like to add additional information to your entry, please e-mail me at If you would like to add a new two-way immersion program to the Directory, please visit the Directory Web site and click on “Add or Change TWI Program Information.”


The Goldman Sachs Foundation Prizes for Excellence in International Education

2007 Call for Applications

The Goldman Sachs Foundation and Asia Society are seeking applications for the 2007 Goldman Sachs Foundation Prizes for Excellence in International Education.  The prize program was created in 2003 to raise awareness of the growing importance of international knowledge and skills for U.S. students and annually awards prizes totaling $150,000 in five different categories.  We are pleased to announce that this year we are expanding our State category to also include the 100 largest school districts. 

Applications for the elementary/middle school, high school, district/state, and media/technology prizes are due Monday, December 3, 2007.  For more information and to access the online application, please visit


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