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TWI Bulletin #7: Two publications and three conferences! (4/13/2001)

In this Bulletin:

Two Publications: New CREDE Practitioner Brief and New ERIC Digest!
Three Conferences: 2-Way CABE, Dual Language Symposium in Puerto Rico, and La Cosecha!

CREDE (Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence) has published Practitioner Brief #2, Development and Maintenance of Two-Way Immersion Programs: Advice from Practitioners (March 2001), by Julie Sugarman and Elizabeth R. Howard, Center for Applied Linguistics. Based on responses from principals, bilingual coordinators, and teachers in two-way immersion (TWI) programs associated with CREDE project 1.2, this brief provides advice to those practitioners implementing new TWI programs. Designing curricula, planning for assessment, training teachers, involving parents, garnering district support, and fostering long-term growth are among the issues addressed.

Development and Maintenance of Two-Way Immersion Programs: Advice from Practitioners is available online at  Information on all CREDE publications is always available online at


The newest ERIC digest, Two-Way Immersion Programs: Features and Statistics (March 2001), by Elizabeth R. Howard and Julie Sugarman, Center for Applied Linguistics, is available at Links to all ERIC digests may be found at

This digest describes features of the two-way programs listed on the Directory of Two-Way Immersion Programs in the United States ( The data used to compile this digest may be found on an accompanying web site at


Ninth Annual 2-Way CABE Summer Conference
Doubletree Hotel
Monterey, California
July 9-12, 2001

For more information, see the CABE Website:


Fifth Annual Dual Language Symposium
Fajardo, Puerto Rico
July 9-12, 2001

For more information, contact Norma Hernandez at


Sixth Annual La Cosecha 2001 Dual Language Conference
Sheraton Old Town Hotel
Albuquerque, New Mexico
November 7 - 9, 2001

Presentation Proposals Due June 15th!
For more Information: (see: La Cosecha Information)
Or, call 505/247-2798


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