Naomi Silverman

Member, CAL Board of Trustees 2015 - 2020

Naomi Silverman retired from Routledge/Taylor & Francis in April 2017 after 32 years as an editor/publisher at academic presses. Throughout her entire professional career her work was in the field of Education. The hundreds of books she was responsible for acquiring, developing, and publishing include numerous academic volumes and textbooks with a particular focus on language/literacy, applied linguistics, critical pedagogy, environmental preservation and sustainability, multiculturalism, and globalization and a particular mission to push intellectual and corporate boundaries and constraints.

Publishing experience:

2007 - April 2017: Senior Editor, then Publisher, at Routledge/Taylor & Francis, a global academic/textbook publisher

1995 – 2007: Senior Education Editor, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

1992 - 1995: Senior Education & ESL Editor, St. Martin's Press

1985 –1992: Senior Education Editor, Longman USA, Inc.

1982 –1985: Editorial Assistant, Longman USA, Inc.


B.S. with honors in History from Columbia University

Permanent New York State teaching licenses in Art, English, and Social Studies.

Additional professional and personal experience:

Silverman currently serves as a volunteer at the New York Botanical Garden Children’s Education Program. She has given invited presentations at conferences and to faculty groups in the U.S., Canada, China, and Vietnam and publications on the topic of academic publishing, including Silverman, N., “From the Ivory Tower to the Bottom Line: An Editor’s Perspective on College Textbook Publishing,” in Altbach, P.G.,Kelly, G.P., Petrie, H.G., and Weis, L., Eds., Textbooks in American Society: Politics, Policy, and Pedagogy (1991, State University of New York Press), and Silverman, N., “College Textbook Publishing in the United States,” in Altbach, P.G. & Hoshino, E.S. (Eds), International Book Publishing: An Encyclopedia (1995, Garland).