Framework for Quality Professional Development for Practitioners Working with Adult English Language Learners

Professional Development Context

The context in which professional development is carried out provides the basis and support for a program that is coherent, systematic, and sustainable. Professional development occurs within and is affected by national, state, and local contexts that include immigration trends, legal requirements, and education policies and regulations. These elements of the context, while significant, cannot always be controlled. At the same time, the aspects of the context that can be controlled consist of three broad areas.

System for Professional Development

The system may include

  • The personnel and processes to guide and deliver professional development for teachers and administrators who work with adult English language learners

  • A mission and guiding principles

  • A person or team to manage professional development

  • Trainers and professional developers

Shared Decision Making

Decision making about professional development involves

  • A team to analyze patterns in learner and practitioner data, prioritize needs for professional development, systematically plan ways to address those needs, and work together to implement and evaluate plans

Support for Professional Development System

Support for professional development at the state and local level includes

  • An ongoing fiscal commitment to providing professional development

  • Incentives for teachers and administrators to take part

  • Working conditions that ensure opportunities for and access to professional development


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