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The Center for Applied Linguistics acknowledges the contributions of all who made this online resource possible.

These include BEST Plus trainers Kim Carroll of South Carolina, Kate Diggins of Utah, Jane Miller of Colorado, and Jane Schwertdfeger of Massachusetts, as well as Center for Applied Linguistics adult ESL staff Miriam Burt, Sharon McKay, Sarah Moore, Joy Peyton, Amber Rodriguez, and Bryan Woerner for their input during the development of this website.

Special acknowledgements go to Jane Miller for her generous permission to share her instructional resource collection “Listening and Speaking Activities for Adult ESL Learners Aligned with the BEST Plus Assessment,” found in the Instruction section of this Web site.

Site credits: Sarah Young, Content development; Sally Byrd, Justin Collins, and Biljana Milenkovic, Web development; Daniel Lieberson and Frank Finamore, Product development; Julia Bozzolo, Publications; Susan Gilson, Project management.

Navigating This Module

The five sections of this module build on one another and take about 3 hours to complete in sequence. Navigational buttons on the bottom of each screen will guide you to move forward and backward through the module. You can go directly to any section by clicking on the navigation buttons in the left-most column on each screen. Throughout this module, we offer free, downloadable resources (indicated by the [PDF] icon) or links to resources on other websites. Clicking on these links will open up the resource in a new window.

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Technical Requirements

For the best viewing experience, be sure you have enabled JavaScript and popup windows. Windows Media Player is necessary to view the video clips.