Practical tools, activities, and resources
to guide instruction

Next Steps

After completing this online module, we encourage you to take a moment to briefly review each of the sections on needs assessment, oral proficiency, language assessment, and communicative instruction. Your next step may be to consider how you can apply this learning to your adult ESL instruction. The quiz below is designed to help you capture your thoughts about the priorities for your program.

You may also be interested in learning more about developing the oral language skills of adult English language learners. To aid you in that process, we have included links to a variety of free and accessible resources throughout this online professional development module. In this final section, spotlight some key resources from the module and provide additional resources for further review. Feel free to browse and bookmark this page and return to it when you have time to explore further.

Let us know what has been most helpful to you as you worked through the activities, resources, and video clips in this module. What are your “Next Steps” priorities for applying information about oral proficiency to your adult ESL instruction? Check all that apply.

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