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Citizenship education is a subset of civics education (sometimes called English literacy/civics). The goal of citizenship education is to help adult immigrants learn enough procedural information, content, and English to complete the naturalization process, pass the citizenship exam, and become U.S. citizens.

Immigrants seeking citizenship face many challenges. These include frequently changing laws and procedures, bureaucratic and electronic delays, backlogs of applicants, cost, and both the lack of English skills and the time to learn.

Information about the naturalization process is available at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Web site at However, some English language learners may have difficulty understanding the English used on the site.

The naturalization examination is being revised. To read a USCIS Fact Sheet about the redesign of the naturalization test, click here. To see questions and answers for the new pilot naturalization exam, click here.


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Other Resources

Becker, A. (4th edition, 2006) Citizenship for us: A handbook on naturalization & citizenship. Washington, DC: Catholic Legal Immigration Network (Available from CLINIC, 202-635-2556 or Provides current, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand information about all aspects of the naturalization process including the latest changes in forms and procedures.

National Immigration Forum Provides a large and diverse body of information on immigration and discusses such issues as race and ethnic relations; has a pro-immigrant, advocacy stance. Immigration Basics 2005 is available for download on this site.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Homepage Provides access to information and forms related to the naturalization process. This Web site also contains a section on Civics and Citizenship Study Materials. To access questions and answers for a pilot of the new naturalization examination, click here.