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Programs in Your Area

National Directory of Early Foreign Language Programs (1999)
This first-of-a-kind searchable national database, compiled by CAL, includes nearly 1500 public and private elementary and middle schools in the United States that begin foreign language instruction before Grade 7.

Directory of Foreign Language Immersion Programs in U.S. Schools (2006)
This CAL directory lists elementary and secondary schools that teach all or part of their curriculum through a second language. The majority are for students whose native language is English.

Directory of Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Programs in the U.S. (2008)
The CAL directory lists over 320 elementary schools that integrate both language-minority and language-majority students and teach literacy and content through two languages.

In addition to the three databases above, check out the information in our section on curricula that are currently used in K-8 classrooms.

Updated October 1, 2008