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Immersion Programs

Foreign Language Immersion Programs

Children working in a groupIn these programs, all or part of the curriculum is taught through a foreign language. For example, English-speaking students are instructed in Spanish, Chinese, or an indigenous/heritage language (e.g. Inupiaq). The foreign language may be used for all subjects (total immersion) or for up to 50% of the subjects (partial immersion).

Two-Way (Dual Language) Immersion Programs
In these programs, the student population consists of minority and majority language students who are instructed through both languages; in the USA, for example, instruction might be provided in Spanish-English, Korean-English, Navajo-English.


Learn more about the differences between foreign language and dual language immersion programs from the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition's Frequently Asked Questions about Immersion Education.


Updated December 13, 2013