Heritage Language Programs - Spanish

Spanish for Native Speakers / Anne M. Dorner / Ossining Union Free School District

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Address: 100 Van Cortlandt
Ossining, NY 10562

Languages/Dialects taught: Spanish

Grades: 6/7-8

Contact: Vilma M. Lesmo, Teacher

Email: vlesmo@ossining.k12.ny.us

Purposes and goals of the program

To increase the knowledge of Spanish speakers of the Spanish language.

Type of program

Parents' expectations for the program

Their children will continue to learn and increase their knowledge of their native tongue

Staff's expectations for the program

Same as the parents


Countries of origin: Most South American countries are represented as well as Central America, Latin America and Mexico. (Some Portuguese children that speak Spanish are included.)

Total student enrollment: Approximately 100

The program identifies who is a heritage speaker by:

Percentage of students who complete the program: 100%

Percentage of students who continue to study the heritage language after completing the program: 100%

Possible reasons for not completing the program: Choosing to study another language at the high school level or going on to Advance Placement Spanish.


Number of staff in program: 3

Languages in which staff members are proficient: Spanish

Level of proficiency for staff members: Complete fluency


Teacher certification: Spanish credential from New York state

MA in Spanish Literature

Professional development opportunities that teachers have: very little at this point.

Professional development opportunities that teachers need: We need workshops on teaching heritage Spanish speakers. It seems that most workshops and courses are in the southwest and on the west coast.


Hours per week that students receive instruction: 4 hours a week

Students are grouped by grade:

Heritage Skills

Skills and levels of language proficiency that students reach by the end of the program:

They are able to

Culture taught


Textbook series used:

Other materials used for instruction:

Technology used in the program:

Kind of assessments


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