Heritage Language Programs - Chinese

Atlanta Contemporary Chinese Academy

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Institution: Atlanta Contemporary Chinese Academy

Program address: 201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, GA 30322

Telephone: 404-451-9876

Web address: www.acca-web.org

Contact person

Name: Baoming Jiang

Title: Principal

Email: bxj4@cdc.gov

Languages/dialects taught: Mandarin Chinese

Program Description

Purposes and goals of the program: To promote Chinese culture and language as well as academic excellence

Type of program: Immersion, bilingual program, foreign language program, content-based, Saturday academy, and extracurricular club

Program origin: The program was founded in 1992 by a group of Asian American parents who believe that children should maintain their heritage language and culture.


Parents’ expectations for the program: Parents expect their children to learn Chinese language and culture.


Instructors’ and administration’s expectations for the program: Instructors expect excellence in achieving bilingual and bicultural mastery.


1) Students are from the United States and China. Total student enrollment is 1,400
2) 85% are second generation immigrants, 10% are third generation immigrants, 1% are children of interethnic marriages, 1% are children of interethnic adoption, and 1% are children of non-ethnic background

Possible reasons for student withdrawal: Students withdraw due to their getting busy with the regular high school curriculum.


Number of instructors in the program: 65

Languages in which instructors are proficient: Chinese and English

Proficiency level: Excellent and communicative

Credentials: 2% of the teachers have a B.A. in Chinese, math, computer science, and law. Teachers have masters and above degrees in different areas of study.


Total contact hours per week: 3-6 hours per week (North campus – 6 hours; South campus – 4 hours; West campus – 3 hours)

Student grouping: The students are grouped according to age.

Language skills

Skills developed by the program: Students become proficient in reading, writing, and speaking Chinese.

Heritage language skills: Listening, speaking, reading, writing, art, and calligraphy

English skills: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing


Aspects of culture taught: History, festivals, customs, traditions/beliefs, religion, folktales, arts and crafts, dances, songs, rhymes, social and cultural norms, cultural appropriateness, and literature

Kind of student identity program fosters: Bilingual Asian Americans


Methodologies and instructional strategies used in the program: Direct instruction


Materials used for instruction: The textbook we use is Yes! Han Yu.

Technology used for instruction: Projector, TV, and audio


Assessments used to evaluate students’ progress: Weekly quizzes, chapter tests, mid-term tests, mid-term tests, final exams, school/district developed tests, teachers observations, performance-based tasks or assessments, portfolios, and program exit tests


How the program develops home/school connections or promotes parent involvement: We develop connections with local schools, colleges, and other heritage language programs.

Opportunities for using the heritage language and developing cultural knowledge outside the program: The students have the chance to use their heritage language and develop cultural knowledge at home.

What the program has in place

Financial support the program receives: Financial support comes from parents and other business entities.

Solicitation of funding: The principal solicits funding for the program.

Assistance or funding the program would like to receive: All kinds of funding would be appreciated.

Special challenges

Challenges the program has experienced: Getting funding and finding space for classrooms

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