Heritage Language Programs - Spanish

Hispanohablantes, Enid Public Schools, Enid, OK

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Address: 611 W. Wabash, Enid, OK 73701

Contact: Joyce Pitt

Email: joycepitt@hotmail.com

Telephone: 580-234-6397

Grades: 9-12

Languages: Spanish

Program Description

Goals of the program : To help native Spanish speakers to read and write their language (Spanish). The program is part of the foreign language program.

Only students who are fluent in Spanish are admitted to the class

Program Origins : The program was founded in August 2004 by the school district.

Parents' expectations for the program : That their children will be more fluent and can read and write properly in Spanish.

Staff's expectations for the program : Students will be better versed in their native language and will be able to read and write it better.


First-generation immigrants: 50%

Second-generation immigrants: 50%

Countries of origin: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela

Total student enrollment: 30

Participants : Anyone who applies is allowed to stay. So far, only those fluent in the language have applied. We have told students that they must be fluent.

Percentage of students who complete the program : 95%

Percentage of students who continue to study heritage language : We do not know the percentage of students who continue to study the heritage language after completing the program. The students who do not complete the program report that they have jobs that do not allow them to continue.

Students' attitudes toward the language varieties they speak : They want to be able to communicate in their language


Number of staff in program : One

Languages in which staff members are proficient : Spanish-proficient at advanced level

Credentials : Teacher certification in Spanish from Oklahoma, National Board Certified, BA and MA in Spanish

Professional development opportunities teachers have : Workshops and immersion opportunities

Professional development opportunities teachers need : Immersion opportunities


Hours or instruction per week : five

Student Grouping : Students are grouped in first-year and second-year classes.

Language Skills

English skills

Heritage Skills

Levels of language proficiency that students reach by the end of the program : advanced writing and listening. They are already advanced in speaking.



Textbooks : Tu Mundo : Primer Curso Para Hispanohablantes / Your World: First Course For Spanish Speakers (Grades 6-12). McDougal Little . 2002.

Nuestro Mundo: Segundo Curso Para Hispanohablantes (Grades 6-12). McDougal Little . 2002.

Other materials : Newspapers, music, books from Latin America

Technology used in the program : We occasionally use the computer lab.



Program Connections :The program has connections with local schools and receives students from three junior high schools. Students continue their study at university level.

Home School Connections :The program develops home-school connections and promotes parent involvement because parents stay in touch with what is happening in class. Parents are also encouraged to visit.

Student Opportunities : Students have opportunities to use their language because they help other students who are learning the language and volunteer at places to help with translation.

What the program has in place

Financing/Support :The school receives financial support from the local and state government. The school board manages all funding.

Kinds of assistance or collaboration the program needs : More collaboration from the Latin community by having speakers from the Latin community.

Student Assistance : The program monitors students' overall academic achievement and assists students who need help.

Program Evaluation :The program will be evaluated at the end of 2005-2006 school year.

Special Challenges and Comments

Challenges that your program has experienced: Funding has been a problem. Also finding room in the schedule for the class. For example, sometimes Level I and II students are in the same class, which is difficult.

Other comments : One challenge has been getting students to take the program seriously. They seem to think that it is a chance to speak their heritage language all class period. We are working on this.


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