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Spanish for Native Speakers/ Olympic High School/

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Address: Sandy Porter Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273

Contact: Sibyll Salazar
Spanish Teacher

Email: sibyll.salazar@cms.k12.nc.us

Telephone: 980-343-3800

Grades: 9-12

Languages/Dialects taught: Spanish

Program Description

Purposes and goals of the program: For Spanish native speakers to have the opportunity to study and learn more about the Spanish language and literature

Type of program: It is content-based: The students in the class already speak Spanish at home. We study Spanish literature and grammar in the class.

Program Origins: The program was founded in 2001 by the district.


First generation immigrants 90%

Countries of origin: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico
Total student enrollment: 44

Identification of Heritage Speakers: The program identifies a student as a heritage speaker if the student speaks Spanish at home.

Reasons for not completing the program: Students move to another district.

Students' attitudes toward the language varieties they speak: Usually positive. They enjoy discussing dialectal differences. Some students resent being in the class. Their parents "make them" take it.


Number of staff in program: 2
Languages in which staff members are proficient: Spanish (near native) and English

Credentials: Teacher certification in Spanish K-12 from Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan
BA in Spanish, Anthropology
MA in Spanish and Applied Linguistics

Professional development opportunities teachers have: 3-4 trainings per year with other SNS teachers in the region


Hours per week students receive instruction: 4.5 hours

Students are grouped in 1st or 2nd courses (there are 2 levels)

Language Skills

• Listening
• Speaking
• Reading
• Writing

Skills and levels of language proficiency students reach by the end of the program: This is the first year (2006) that either teacher at this school has taught the course.


• History
• Folktales
• Dances
• Songs
• Social and cultural norms
• Cultural appropriateness
• Literature


Textbook: SendasLiterarias. Heinle & Heinle, 2000

Other materials: novels like Senderos fronterizos, Cajas de carton, Paula


• Weekly quizzes
• Chapter tests
• Mid-term tests
• Final exams
• Teacher observations
The school has connections with colleges and universities.

What the program has in place

Financial support is provided by the local and state governments.

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