Heritage Language Programs - Chinese

Xilin NU Chinese School

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Address: 3125 Melrose Ct. Wilmette, Illinois 60091

Web address: http://www.xilinNUchinese.org

Contact person:

Name: Jian Cao

Title: Principal

Email: principal@xilinNUchinese.org

Levels: Pre-K-12

Languages/dialects taught: Chinese/Mandarin

Program Description

Purposes and goals of the program: The mission of the Xilin NU Chinese School is for all students to enjoy the encouraging environment of learning Chinese language and culture, for enhancing students' academic competitiveness and social skills, and for stimulating parents' active involvement in school's operation and supervision

Type of program: Bilingual program; Foreign language program; Content-based; Sunday academy

Program origin: 1995, funded by tuition and donations


Parents’ expectations for the program: Learning Chinese, experiencing Chinese culture and enhancing childrens' academic competitiveness


Instructors’ and administration’s expectations for the program: Increase students' interest in learning Chinese, solid support and active participation from parents, and a well-run organization


• First-generation immigrants
• Second-generation immigrants
• Third-generation immigrants
• Children of interethnic marriages
• Children of interethnic adoption
• Non-ethnic background

Total student enrollment: 130

How the program determines the language background and language proficiency of students: Oral interview –students read from a textbook; parent guidance

Percentage of students who complete the program: 99%

Possible reasons for student withdrawal: Transfer out of the area; too busy with their regular school work

Students’ attitudes toward the language varieties they speak: Good


Number of instructors in the program: 20

Languages in which instructors are proficient: Chinese and English

Proficiency level: 100%

Credentials: Teaching experiences. In many cases, our teachers have a B.A. degree or higher.

Professional development opportunities instructors have: Seminar, open class

Professional development opportunities instructors need: Same


Total contact hours per week: Two hours

Times per week: One time per week

Student grouping: A combination of age and language background

Hours devoted to language teaching: Two

Language skills

Heritage language skills (in Chinese classes):
• Listening
• Speaking
• Reading
• Writing

English skills (in enrichment classes):
• Reading
• Writing

Levels of language proficiency reached by the end of the program: Over 1,500 Chinese characters; good writing skills


Aspects of culture taught:
• Festivals
• Arts and crafts
• Dances
• Chinese New Year celebration

Kind of student identity program fosters: Respect and responsibility


Methodologies and instructional strategies used in the program: Multimedia


Textbooks: Chinese, JiNan University Chinese, MaLiPing, Stanford University

Technology used for instruction: Multimedia: Computer projector


Assessments used to evaluate students’ progress: Final exams


How the program develops home/school connections or promotes parent involvement: Newsletters; Volunteer work: The program seeks to stimulate active parent involvement in the school’s operation and supervision.

Opportunities for using the heritage language and developing cultural knowledge outside the program: Home

What the program has in place

Financial support the program receives:
• Tuition
• Parents
• Donation

Solicitation of funding: Board members with help from parents

Assistance or funding the program would like to receive: Teaching materials; Opportunity to exchange teaching experience with other teachers

How students graduate and/or how they receive credit: Exams

Monitoring of overall achievement in school: By survey

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