Evaluator's Toolkit for Dual Language Programs

by Kathryn Lindholm-Leary, Ph.D., and Gary Hargett, Ph.D.

Supported by a contract from the California Department of Education

The purpose of this Toolkit is to assist staff in dual language programs that serve English language learners (ELLs) to understand how to meet assessment and accountability guidelines.

This Toolkit assumes no prior knowledge of data collection, data management or data analysis on the part of the user. It is truly "A Beginner's Toolkit."

If you want to know how to establish an evaluation question, what data to collect, how to develop a spreadsheet, how to analyze your data, and how to present them, this is the Toolkit for you.

There are LOTS of examples in each section, including step-by-step instruction in how to do the basic data analyses most programs would need. Use the menu at left to click on each section in order to go through the Toolkit. It is best to go through the Toolkit sequentially, as each section builds on the previous section.

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For information on dual language (particularly two-way immersion programs) check out CAL's TWI homepage.