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Create a Print Toolkit

You can download the entire document that makes up this website; it includes all the downloadable information discussed in all the sections. Download and print these in order to create your own print Toolkit:

  1. Title page
  2. About the Authors
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Section 1
  6. Section 2
  7. Section 3 (optional: student_quest.doc, parent_quest.doc, staff_quest.doc, solom.pdf)
  8. Section 4 (optional: samplespreadsheet_ca.xls, samplespreadsheet_other.xls, exampl03-04gr34.pdf)
  9. Section 5 (optional: nce2percentile.pdf)
  10. Section 6
  11. Section 7
  12. Section 8
  13. Section 9
  14. Glossary
  15. Appendix (optional: kll2001book.pdf, outcomes5050.pdf, outcomes9010.pdf)

Download Files to Use in Activities

The following materials are all included within the corresponding sections above, but it may be helpful to have them as separate files as well. If you download each of the following files before you begin, you will have everything you need to work with the Toolkit.


Evaluator's Notebook

Program Description
(Section 1)
Goals & Objectives
(Section 2)
Data Collection Plan
(Section 3)


Other Materials

Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (SOLOM) Oral Language Proficiency Rating (see Section 3)

Student Questionnaires (see Section 3)

Staff/Teacher Questionnaires (see Section 3)

Parent Questionnaires (see Section 3)

Data Codebook in PDF OR Data Codebook in Word (see Section 4)

Excel spreadsheet for California schools (see Section 4)

Excel spreadsheet for NON-California schools (see Section 4)

Actual completed Excel spreadsheet (see Section 4)

NCE-Percentile Conversion in PDF (see Section 5)

Sample completed SPSS data file (see Section 9) (in Firefox, right click and select "save link as")

Comparative Research in PDF OR Comparative Research in Word (see Resources)

50/50 Program Outcomes in PDF or 50/50 Program Outcomes in PowerPoint (see Resources)

90/10 Program Outcomes in PDF or 90/10 Program Outcomes in PowerPoint (see Resources)