Facilitating a Teacher Study Group


Sample Outline for Study Group Sessions

This is a sample outline for a 2-hour study group session exploring the language development and literacy instruction sections of “Classroom Instruction: Questions and Answers.” The outline is offered only as a suggestion for the facilitator, rather than a protocol to be followed.


Topic: Language and Literacy Development

Duration: 2 hours



  1. Compare views and experiences about language and literacy teaching in two-way immersion programs.
  2. Raise questions for further exploration about language and literacy teaching in two-way programs immersion.
  3. Plan follow-up.


Pre-Reading (30 minutes)

  1. Begin the session by telling group members that they will be reading a series of questions and answers about teaching language and literacy in two-way immersion programs.
  2. Give the group any background information they may need about the reading material and the Toolkit.
  3. Ask the members what questions they expect to be posed in the readings.
  4. Ask members about their experiences with these issues.


Reading (20 minutes)

  1. Have group members read the language development and literacy instruction sections of the Q&A document for classroom instruction.


Post-Reading Discussion (60 minutes)

  1. Ask the group which of the issues addressed in these sections pertain to them and their program. List the topics on chart paper.
  2. Have the group choose the four most important topics.
  3. Divide the group into four groups by topic. Have each group choose a note-taker who will report back to the whole group. Ask each group to discuss its topic in terms of four questions:
    • What does the reading have to say on the topic?
    • Do you agree with the reading? What is your evidence in support of your opinion?
    • How have you dealt with this issue in your program?
    • Are there any additional issues related to this topic that the whole group should explore?
  4. In the large group, have each note-taker report on the small-group discussion in terms of the four questions. As facilitator, record the results on chart paper. In particular, note additional questions to be explored.
  5. Ask the large group for questions and reactions. Facilitate any discussion that follows.


Follow-Up Activity: Suggestions for the Next Study Group Meeting (10 minutes)

As a group, decide the activities for the next study group meeting. Ask the group whether they need to plan follow-up to this discussion. Do they want to get more information? If so, who will find it and where will it be found? How will the information be used by the group?

If members want to further explore additional questions and issues, the group can select texts for group discussion. texts from either the additional resources sections in the Toolkit or from other sources. See below for “Guidelines for Discussing Professional Literature”.

If appropriate, ask for a volunteer facilitator for the next meeting.


Supplementary Materials

Guidelines for Starting a Study Group


Guidelines for Discussing Professional Literature

Getting Started:


Facilitating the Discussion: