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Expanding educational opportunities in Ghana: bilingualism and biliteracy for young learners

Biliteracy Curriculum

NALAP Materials

The list of NALAP materials demonstrates the program’s adherence to the research base and government policy calling for children to be literate and numerate in a Ghanaian language and in English by Primary 3. The materials support learning to read in a Ghanaian language and then introducing reading in English later. They were developed by practitioners in Ghana, with the exception of the English materials, which were developed at CAL and vetted in Ghana. Learn more.

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L1 pupil books          
L1 readers          
L1 big books          
L1 Alphabet cards          
L2 texts and literacy
activities on the blackboard

Teacher Guides

Teacher guides, one for each grade, are written primarily in English, with relevant sections translated into the Ghanaian languages taught in schools to ensure that teachers can conduct the lesson in the Ghanaian language. Each teacher guide consists of 24 units made up of five lessons, one for each day of the week. Each lesson includes a section on Ghanaian language and a section on English language. The materials in the guide are woven around themes such as Greetings, Family, and Friends. The guides contain detailed information on teaching each lesson with reference to the other teaching and learning materials.

To support the focus on teaching reading in the first language and publishing Ghanaian language texts for children, the NALAP taskforce at the Ghana Education Service decided against publishing NALAP English books. Instead, the English texts and activities appear in the teacher guides, along with pictures for vocabulary learning. The teacher is expected to write the texts and draw the pictures on the blackboard.

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NALAP Materials

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Teacher Guides