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Heritage Languages in America

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Articles and Resources about Indigenous Heritage Language Education

The focus of this issue is indigenous language education and resources. We feature the Indigenous Language Institute; an article on language education of the Hoopa Valley, Karuk, and Yurok tribes; the indigenous language programs profiled with the Alliance; an indigenous language annotated bibliography; an online resource guide to Native American authors; and a video on the last eight people to speak the language of Ixcatec in Mexico.

This third NewsFlash spotlights the important work of the Indigenous Language Institute (ILI) ILI was founded in 1992 to assist the language revitalization efforts of all indigenous tribes and to create new generations of speakers through community-based initiatives.  ILI facilitates innovative initiatives including the development of vital language-related services to native communities seeking to preserve and revitalize their unique languages, technologically advanced language training programs, and creative development of language materials. The organization also facilitates communication on issues of indigenous language preservation between different programs and organizations across the country, public awareness and education, and research into language revival. ILI’s vision is to see the endangered indigenous languages spoken by people of all ages in everyday life within the next ten years.

Click here to view the profile of the Indigenous Language Institute with the Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages.

Article on the Experiences of the Hoopa Valley, Karuk, and Yurok Tribes

Rescuing Languages From Extinction, by Daniel Newberry. March 21, 2008. Jefferson Public Radio, Oregon.

"Rescuing Languages from Extinction: The Experience of the Hoopa Valley, Karuk, and Yurok Tribes," is an insightful article that describes the experiences of 3 native tribes in northern California. The article describes the origins of the three tribes and how the Tribal Language Program that incorporates these three languages in Hoopa Valley High School came about. The tribal language program enrolls 65 high school students. Four of the five elementary schools in the area also offer one or more native languages. While the program experiences challenges such as reluctance from the state of California to certify native languages, the program is meeting its goals to use best practices in language instruction, and to assist both students and native language teachers to reconnect with their culture through language. Read the full article online.

Indigenous Language Programs

The Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages (the Alliance), dedicated to preserving heritage languages, has profiled six indigenous language programs. These programs offer invaluable resources to heritage language speakers. To view the profiles click here.

If you are involved in a heritage language program for indigenous language speakers, you can complete a program online profile by clicking here

Online Resources on Indigenous Languages

Click here to find out about contemporary and historical Native North American authors through an informative Web site that provides information of their published works. This Web site also contains biographical information, links to online resources, interviews, online texts, tribal Web sites, and Native American children and young adult literature.

View an annotated bibliography of approximately 20 books on indigenous languages.


On February 22, 2008, the last eight people to speak the language of Ixcatec were recorded by an American linguist in Mexico. Click here to view the video.

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