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The LPREN Listserv organizer is Dr. Terrence G. Wiley, President, Center for Applied Linguistics.
The moderator is Shereen Bhalla, Center for Applied Linguistics.

The Language Policy Research Network (LPREN) is an international organization of researchers, scholars, and stakeholders in the field of educational language policy. We host colloquia at conferences, invite publications related to the field, convene at events, and share resources, announcements, and other opportunities via the LPREN listserv. Learn more about the origins of LPREN.

AILA Renewal

In January 2015, LPReN received official notification that its affiliation as a Research Network (ReN) of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) has been approved. ReNs seek to promote research and dissemination in all academic areas of AILA, with a particular focus on areas that have the potential for new cross-disciplinary research.

Conference Spotlight

American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) – April 9 – 13, 2016

Language and the Sustainable Development Goals – April 21-22nd 2016
April 21st – 12:45 – 1:05: Moore, SCK., Fee, M., Wiley, T., and Arias, M.B.: Language, Literacy, Employability and Income in the US

Sociolinguistics Symposium – June 15 – 18 2016