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Students in classroomThe topics in this module, listed below, provide a framework for making instructional decisions in the adult ESL classroom. Each section of the module addresses a specific aspect of adult English language acquisition, assessment, or instruction to prepare teachers not only to use the suggested instructional activities but to create their own activities based on a solid understanding of language proficiency and their studentsí needs.

Background addresses the question:

  • How can instructors identify the oral communication skills that adults learning English need to develop?

Oral Proficiency addresses the questions:

  • What is oral language proficiency?
  • What factors influence the development of speaking and listening skills?

Assessment addresses the questions:

  • How is oral English language proficiency of adults assessed?
  • How can listening comprehension, language complexity, and communication skills be measured?

Instruction addresses the questions:

  • What instructional activities build learnersí listening comprehension of conversational English?
  • What instructional activities help learners organize and elaborate their ideas in conversational English?
  • What instructional activities help learners communicate their meaning in conversational English?

Next Steps addresses the question:

  • How can I learn more about developing the oral language proficiency of adults learning English?

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