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Professional Development

State Activities: Minnesota

Minnesota has the highest proportion of refugees of any state in the US, the largest population of Somali immigrants in the country, the second largest population of Hmong, and the largest urban Hmong population in the country.

The state has a long history of providing instruction to adult English language learners and professional development (PD) to practitioners working with these learners.

In year one of their work with the CAELA Network, the initial analysis of Minnesota state data led to the development of two goals: 1) PD targeted at advanced-level/transitions ESL and 2) the development of a comprehensive survey of practitioners' backgrounds, challenges and PD needs.

In year two, after conducting the survey and analyzing the results, the state has identified four additional priority PD needs: multilevel instruction, literacy-level instruction, curriculum development, and use of technology for PD and ESL instruction.

Furthermore, Minnesota has continued to expand methods for evaluating the impact of PD through post-PD implementation and reflection activities.

Professional Development Activities

  • Develop, distribute, and analyze a survey for practitioners working with adult English language learners, which includes the following categories:

    ° educational backgrounds
    ° work experience
    ° work environments
    ° professional challenges
    ° professional development activities
    ° professional development needs

  • Distribute survey results filtered for each of the nine PD regions in the state.

  • Train Regional PD Coordinators on data-driven PD planning.

  • Develop and deliver PD offerings in all geographic areas of the state to respond to the priority areas identified in the survey: multilevel instruction, literacy level instruction, curriculum, and technology.

Desired Outcomes

  • Characteristics and professional development needs of practitioners working with adult English language learners are identified.

  • Teachers across the state are trained to:

    ° provide high-quality multilevel instruction
    ° provide high-quality literacy-level instruction
    ° identify and develop appropriate curricula
    ° use technology to enhance instruction
    ° transition learners at all levels to work or further education

  • PD providers develop tools for practitioner reflection and application of new knowledge and skills, e.g. teacher reflection forms, continuing education units (CEU)s and graduate credits, and observation rubrics.

  • Practitioners take advantage of opportunities to reflect on and apply new knowledge and skills.

  • PD providers use reflection and implementation data to evaluate PD efforts and inform future initiatives.

State contact

Astrid Liden
ABE Professional Development Coordinator
Minnesota Department of Education
Phone: 651-582-8424

To learn more about MN PD initiatives and to view tools developed to promote practitioner reflection and implementation, please visit the ABE Teaching and Learning Advancement System (ATLAS) website at Hamline University:


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