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Professional Development

State Activities: Montana

With a majority part-time adult ESL teacher workforce, small adult English language learner population, and vast geographic distances, providing and participating in professional development can be a challenge in Montana.

As a participant in CAELA Network, Montana identified for the first time adult ESL professional development needs through teacher and program director questionnaires. Based on the results of this needs assessment questionnaire, Montana designed and developed its first ever adult ESL conference, held in spring 2009.

Conference attendees have been participating in follow-up activities linked to the workshop sessions, with their reflections posted online for others to review.

This conference bridged some of the gaps in practitioner knowledge and skills across the state while creating a stronger practitioner community despite the distances between programs. Montana is moving forward with plans to expand professional development expertise and resources within the state and to begin implementation of their new adult ESL content standards as well.

Professional Development Activities

  • Develop, distribute, and analyze adult ESL teacher and program director needs assessments

  • Create, implement, and evaluate Montana's first state adult ESOL education conference

  • Complete and share conference follow-up assignments

  • Develop, train, and implement adult ESOL content standards

Desired Outcomes

  • Teachers' and program directors' awareness is raised and buy-in is accomplished of the need for a new approach to professional development.

  • Teacher and program directors' characteristics and needs are identified and met in planned professional development.

  • Teachers and program directors participate in professional development that focuses on working with adult English language learners and that builds the adult ESL community in Montana.

  • The adult ESOL education conference becomes an annual event that encourages practitioner participation and application of knowledge and skills learned.

  • New adult ESOL presenters, trainers, and resource people are identified and cultivated foster throughout the state.

  • The state develops a plan for sustained and systematic adult ESOL professional development beyond CAELA Network.

State contact
Margaret Bowles
State Director
Adult Literacy and Basic Education Specialist
Office of Public Instruction
Box 202501
Helena MT 59620-2501
Phone: (406) 444-4443


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