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Adult ESL evaluation and needs assessment (from ESL Academy)
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2010 Adult ESL
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ESL Academy syllabus
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Professional Development

State Activities: South Carolina

South Carolina has experienced unparalleled immigrant growth in the last decade. Most of the newcomers have come from Latin American countries. As part of their involvement in the first CAELA project in 2005, the South Carolina department of adult education rose to meet the need for trained ESL practitioners by creating a 45-hour professional development course, “Teaching English Literacy to the Adult Learner” (informally known as “ ESL Academy”). Since then, this course has prepared many adult educators across the state to teach adult English language learners.

To supplement the original ESL Academy, the CAELA Network team worked to implement the state’s first-ever adult ESL conference in March 2009, with a successful second conference held in March 2010. Seeing the need for additional professional development beyond the ESL Academy and the annual statewide conference, the CAELA Network team proposed and obtained funding for “ESL Academy 2” for experienced teachers who have already completed the first academy. ESL Academy 2 topics are based on ongoing professional development needs analysis, teacher input, and recommendations from CAL staff working with the state team. South Carolina adult ESL professionals and CAL staff are developing a curriculum and related professional development materials for ESL Academy 2 on topics including second language acquisition, grammar instruction, speaking/listening instruction, reading/writing instruction, and program management. ESL Academy 2 will be delivered for the first time in September, 2010.

Professional Development Activities

  • Convene annual statewide adult ESL conferences, with sessions dedicated to adult ESL instruction and content.

  • Hold conference follow-up activities that guide participants to directly apply and reflect on the knowledge and skills learned to improve their instructional practice.

  • Develop and deliver a 45-hour course titled “ESL Academy 2” to follow-up on the original ESL Academy, “Teaching English Literacy to the Adult Learner.”

Desired Outcomes

  • Practitioners engage in PD that focuses on working with adult English language learners.

  • Conference organizers complete a conference binder that documents and guides the planning and implementation process.

  • An adult ESL practitioner network is created and strengthened through the conferences and Academies to connect and share promising practices with other practitioners around the state.

  • Experienced teachers who have completed the first ESL Academy will attend the new ESL Academy 2 and apply learned knowledge and skills to their adult ESL instruction.

  • Adult ESL has its own dedicated strand at all state-sponsored adult basic education (ABE) conferences.

State contact

Bonnie Mendoza Byrd
Education Associate
Office of Adult Education
SC Department of Education
906 A Rutledge Building
1429 Senate Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803) 734-8069
Fax: (803) 734-2778


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