Research Years 5-6: School-wide CREATE Intervention

During Years 5 and 6, CREATE researchers integrated the interventions tested in previous years of the Center into a school-wide study with an overarching framework of SIOP Model professional development and weekly coaching sessions.

The purpose of this program of study was to determine whether a school-wide model at the middle school level will yield improved outcomes for English learners in content area knowledge and academic language development.


The program targeted 7th grade English learners in the critical academic areas of social studies, science, English language arts, and math. Teachers implemented the interventions in randomized controlled trials with ongoing researcher support in the form of modeling, coaching, conferencing, and professional development.

Instructional Design

While each of the individual studies conducted during the first phase of research had a unique focus, the school-wide intervention integrated these strategies into a common instructional design that included the following features:

Teacher Support and Professional Development

Content Area Interventions

The intervention included enhancements to instructional practices and literacy materials that have proven to be effective with English learners in content area instruction: