The Online Collection of National Heritage Language Program Profiles

Polish Programs

Community Based:

Polish School of Jan Matejko
Wauconda, IL

The Polish School of Jan Matejko functions as a Saturday Academy for the local Polish community. Every year the program introduces new components to enhance the educational experience of the students enrolled. The mission of the Polish School of Jan Matejko is to create an environment for students to prosper and develop their knowledge of Polish language and culture. Students are immersed in a community that in addition to offering language instruction also immerses the stud cultural activities, sports, contests, and drama and art courses. Founded in 2002, the program’s dedicated staff continue each year to develop new instructional methods for an enjoyable and educational environment.

St. Casimir Polish Supplementary School
Newark, NJ

The St. Casimir Polish Supplementary School is a Polish for Polish Speakers program in Newark, New Jersey. The school focuses on teaching Polish language and culture to approximately 50 students each year. Since most students are the children of parents who come from Poland, their family members speak Polish at home, parents get involved in their children’s education, and many go to Poland for vacation. The school also fosters many cultural and community activities that reinforce the Polish language and identity.

Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski Polish School
Chicago, IL

The Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski Polish School was designed by a local Roman Catholic Church’s parishioners and priests to enrich the Polish language skills of their children. Their goal is to teach them about Poland’s history, culture, geography, and religion, in addition to developing confident and knowledgeable Polish-Americans. The program makes an active contribution to the local Polish community and takes part in the Polish Teacher Association and the Commission of Education of the Polish Language.

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