Heritage Language Programs - Multiple Languages

Bristol Warren Regional School District, Rhode Island

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Address: 199 Chestnut Street , Bristol, RI 02809

Grades: 9-12

Contact: Antonio A. Teixiera
Dean of Students

Email: TeixeiraAnt@bw.k12.ri.us

Telephone: 14012545980 Ext. 309

Languages/Dialects taught: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French

Program Description

Purposes and goals of the program : To teach the languages as electives or college requirements

Type of program : Foreign language program and extracurricular club

Mission statement : To provide the opportunity for students to learn about other cultures and languages

Program Origins :The program was founded approximately in 1967 with school district funds

Parents' expectations for the program : For students to familiarize themselves with other languages and cultures, with the hope as means of communication in the future

Staff's expectations for the program : To provide opportunities for students to broaden their experiences with other cultures and languages and fulfill a requirement for college


Countries of origin: Portugal, Cape Verde, some Spanish-speaking countries

Total student enrollment: 1,200

Identification of Heritage Speakers :The program does not differentiate heritage speakers from foreign language learners.

Reasons for not completing the program : Students find the learning of foreign languages very difficult and ask parents to drop them from the program.

Students' attitudes toward the language varieties they speak : They enjoy it.


Number of staff in program : 8

Languages in which staff members are proficient : in all languages level 4.

Credentials : Teacher certification in the languages taught from RI and some from both RI & MA. BA and MA.

Professional development opportunities teachers have : Through the district and state association


Hours per week students receive instruction : 3 hrs and 45 minutes

Language Skills

English skills

Heritage Skills

Levels of language proficiency students reach by the end of the program : 3rd to 4th levels


Kind of student identity the program foster : It encourages them to maintain their heritage.


Methodologies and instructional strategies used in the program vary.


Weekly quizzes


Our students continue their study at various colleges and universities to which we have connections.

Opportunities students have for using the language : With the community through employment and services

The program is part of the local/state government.

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