Heritage Language Programs - Chinese

Dayton Chinese Language School

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Address: 600 Patterson Road, Dayton, OH 45419

Web address: http://www.daytonchinese.org

Contact person:

Title: Principal

Email: info@daytonchinese.org

• Pre K-K
• 1-5/6
• 6-7/8

Languages/dialects taught: Mandarin (Traditional characters)

Program Description

Purposes and goals of the program: The Dayton Chinese Language School was established in 1977 in order to provide Chinese language education and cultural enrichment programs to children (K-12) and residents of the greater Dayton area. The program consists of a language class and cultural activities. Our belief is that increased understanding and appreciation of Chinese civilization will enrich and enhance our lives and the lives of others.

Type of program: Bilingual program. Students attend class every Sunday afternoon from 1:30-5:00 p.m. Classes are conducted in Chinese and bilingual formats.


• First generation immigrants
• Second generation immigrants
• Children of interethnic marriages
• Children of interethnic adoption
• Non-ethnic background

Countries of origin: China, Taiwan, United States

Total student enrollment: 42

How the program identifies heritage speakers: A heritage speaker is someone who is exposed to the language at home and can speak it.

How the program determines the language background and language proficiency of students: Oral interview


Number of instructors in the program: 6

Languages in which instructors are proficient: Chinese

Proficiency level: Native


Total contact hours per week: 3.5 hours

Times per week: One time per week

Student grouping: By ability

Language skills

Skills developed by the program:

Heritage language skills:
• Speaking
• Listening
• Reading
• Writing

English skills:
• Speaking
• Listening
• Reading
• Writing


Aspects of culture taught:
• Festivals
• Customs
• Folk tales and folk songs
• Knotting
• Origami
• Calligraphy
• Traditional folk dance
• Kung-fu
• Literature
• Games: Chinese chess; Chinese yo-yo


Assessments used to evaluate students’ progress:
• Mid-term tests
• Final exams

What the program has in place

Financial support the program receives:
• Ethnic/cultural organizations
• Tuition
• Parents

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