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He, A.W. & Xiao, Y., (Eds.) (2008). Chinese as a Heritage Language: Fostering Rooted World Citizenry. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawaii Press.

This book, edited by two leading scholars in the field, examines the dynamics of learning Chinese as a heritage language. The authors draw upon developmental psychology, functional linguistics, linguistic and cultural anthropology, second language acquisition, and bilingualism. They lay a foundation for theories, models, and master scripts to stimulate research and enhance teaching within and beyond Chinese language education. Learn more about this publication.

Kondo-Brown, K. & Brown, J. D., (Eds.) (2007). Teaching Chinese, Japanese, and Korean heritage language students: Curriculum needs, materials, and assessment. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

This book contributes to building the research knowledge that language teaching professionals need in developing curriculum for the large population of East Asian heritage students (including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) in countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia, where speakers of East Asian languages are among the fastest growing populations.

Providing theoretical and practical information about heritage-language instruction in terms of curriculum design, learner needs, materials development, and assessment procedures, the goal of this book is not only to promote research about heritage students in East Asian languages but also to improve the teaching of these students in various educational settings and all over the world, especially in English speaking countries. The volume is organized in four sections:

1. Overview-addressing the timeliness, necessity, and applications of the work and issues and future agendas for teaching Chinese, Japanese, and Korean heritage students;
2. Language Needs Analysis;
3. Attitude, Motivation, Identity, and Instructional Preference; and
4. Curriculum Design, Materials Development, and Assessment Procedures

Teaching Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Heritage Language Students is intended as a primary text or reference for researchers, educators, and students in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment studies related to teaching bilingual and heritage students in general and East Asian heritage students in particular. Learn more about this recently released publication.

Wang, S. C. (2007). Building societal capital: Chinese in the United States. In J. Lo Bianco (Ed.), The emergence of Chinese. Language Policy, Special Issue, Volume 6, Number 1. Germany: Springer. 27-52.

Wang, S. C. (2008). The ecology of the Chinese language in the United States, second edition (pp. 169-181). In N.H. Hornberger(Ed.), Encyclopedia of language and education. Germany: Springer.

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