Helping students of Arabic understand, self-assess, and improve their oral proficiency

Part 3: How long will it take to become proficient?

students working on a projectThe amount of time it takes to reach different levels of proficiency depends, of course, on a number of factors.



Are you a heritage learner?

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Is Arabic related to the language(s) you speak natively?

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What is your language learning method?

There are many ways to teach a language, and even more ways to learn one. Everyone is different.

  • How is your particular class taught?
  • How much time do you spend studying Arabic?
  • Do you watch Arabic-language media?
  • Do you practice speaking with native Arabic speakers?
  • Are you good at learning languages?
  • What’s your motivation for learning Arabic in particular?

Ask your teachers about the oral proficiency goals of your program. This will help you to set specific and reachable goals for yourself.

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