Helping students of Arabic understand, self-assess, and improve their oral proficiency

Part 5: How can I improve my oral proficiency?

a smiling studentTo increase your Arabic oral proficiency, you'll need to work on your ability to speak fluently and accurately about different topics. Below you'll find some tips to help improve your oral proficiency.

Remember, oral proficiency is a measure of your ability to speak in real-life settings, so the best way to develop your Arabic oral proficiency is to speak Arabic as much as possible!

Tips for improving fluency

  • Participate actively in class (don't worry about making mistakes—they help you learn!)
  • Seek opportunities for language practice outside of the classroom, e.g., cultural clubs and events, conversation partners, or language-themed housing on campus
  • Learn new vocabulary and idioms
  • Practice and repeat vocabulary and sentences

Tips for improving accuracy

  • Pay attention to grammatical structures
  • Take note of teachers' and native speakers' corrections
  • Interact with native speakers in your local community
  • Read, listen to, and watch authentic print, audio, and visual materials
  • Seek opportunities for study abroad and immersion experiences

Check out our Resources for oral proficiency improvement.

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