Helping students of Arabic understand, self-assess, and improve their oral proficiency

Introduction: Why study Arabic?

A young man studying arabicYou already know the benefits of studying another language, including:

  • meeting new people and communicating with others
  • career and travel opportunities
  • learning something new and different
  • connecting with roots you have to that language and culture
  • improving your academic performance in other subjects

You've chosen to study Arabic, a language that is studied by more and more American students every year. The U.S. government has designated Arabic a language of critical interest to national security and the economy.

By becoming proficient in Arabic, you're preparing yourself for great employment opportunities in growing, cutting-edge fields, such as:

  • politics/international affairs
  • international education
  • intelligence
  • international business
  • philanthropy and the nonprofit sector

Whatever career(s) you end up pursuing, learning Arabic is helping you develop communication skills you can use to make connections all over the world!

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