Educators of English langauge learners (ELLs) know how to achieve much in little time with few resources. That’s true at the classroom teachers’ level, and it’s true for professional program evaluators such as the authors of this Toolkit. We made this Toolkit happen in a very short time frame, relying on our own knowledge and experience and, for the pilot version, our homegrown skills in Web design, with a little help from a graphic designer. But that’s in the spirit of the Toolkit, which intends to help projects with their own homegrown evaluation skills.

The project could not have happened at all without the financial support of the California Department of Education. We thank Veronica Aguila and Judy Lambert in the Language Policy and Leadership Office of the Department of Education, who proofed the Toolkit and helped to get the business end of things done. We also thank 2-Way CABE for giving us the opportunity to preview the Toolkit at the July 2006 conference in Long Beach, where we got helpful feedback from practitioners in the field.

Thanks also to the projects and individuals who spent time field-testing the Toolkit and gave us feedback on their experience, enabling us to make the Toolkit as user-friendly as it can possibly be.