How to Use This Evaluator's Toolkit

This Toolkit has been developed to be as user-friendly as possible. The process of evaluation will be best understood if the user progresses through the Toolkit sequentially, from Section 1 (Why Evaluate) through Section 9 (Step-By-Step Guide to Data Analysis and Presentation). See the Table of Contents to get an overview.

It will also be most useful to you if you complete the assignments as you go through it, so that you understand how to use this information.

You can complete this Toolkit online or you can download and print it to help you along. You can download and print the entire Toolkit in PDF. You can also download the documents that you will need along the way that are linked within the Toolkit sections. Section 9 can be read in a hard copy, but it can only be helpful if you are at the computer and following the instructions for using Excel and PowerPoint.

A glossary of terms and acronyms is provided for the common terminology and the acronyms used in this Toolkit and in language education in general. When you need to use it, simply click on Glossary in the menu (or for those using the hard copy, go to the Glossary at the end of the book). You might want to take a quick look at it now to see what kinds of terms it contains.


Ready to Continue?

If you want to download all of the files that you will need
to work with the online toolkit before you begin,
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Then, to continue, click "Toolkit Chapters" in the menu bar at left.